Climate Tanks™: An Engineered Solutions Provider

Climate Tanks™ gives you the assurance and dedication to the highest quality associated with our brand. We use high quality raw materials, which meet or exceed the requirements of relevant tank design standards and applicable International Standards: We use the highest quality raw materials that meet or exceed the requirements of relevant tank design standards and applicable International Standards: American Water Works Association: (AWWA D103), European Union: (EN 10025, EN 10149), American Society for Testing and Materials: (ASTM A1011), National Sanitation Foundation: (NSF/ANSI/CAN 61), National Fire Protection Association: (NFPA 22), Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), and FM Global. Using proprietary technologies we provide architects, engineers, and distributors with an engineered solution that will meet and exceed their specifications which encompasses tanks that embed into the concrete foundation, have a steel panel bolted floor, or mount to the foundational sub-straight that is provided and designed by others. Climate Tanks™ are manufactured with steel panels and are attached together with bolts. The tank is either sealed with mastic on the vertical and horizontal panel seams or lined with a PVC liner that is fixed to the top of the tank through reinforced eyelets. Tanks with liners use polyester geo-textile matting, which is placed on the tank floor and walls to protect the liner from damage during installation and use. Our tanks typically have these roof designs:

  • PERMADOME® Geodesic Dome Roofs
  • Tapered Beam and External Beam Roofs
  • Trough Deck Roofs
  • Single and Double Membrane Roofs
  • PVC Covers

Climate Tanks™ partnered with PERMASTORE® to provide four separate and distinctive glass grades of glass-fused-to-steel technology: TRIFUSION® PLUS, TRIFUSION®, ISOFUSION®, and ECOFUSION® and FUSION® V1100 epoxy bonded tank technology across the globe. We serve the above ground steel bolted storage tank markets throughout the world with the highest quality standard offering long life, low maintenance, and low lifetime cost. Modular construction of bolted steel tanks allows benefits such as: rapid installation, construction in remote and restrictive environments, factory quality control, and cost competitiveness. If there is a bolt in every hole, a nut on every bolt, and mastic in every joint, the structural integrity of the storage tank is insured.

PERMASTORE® tanks are built and tested to “zero defects”. With over 60 years’ experience, Permastore is recognized as one of the world’s leading tank manufacturers dedicated to glass-fused-to-steel technology, a material able to withstand the rigors of the construction site and provide a lifetimes protection in almost any water/wastewater application. Permastore has over 300,000 tanks in operation in over 110 countries and has been accredited with a 30-year design life. Our clients choose either stainless steel, glass fused to steel, epoxy finish, powder coated, weathered finish, or galvanized coated tanks for several different types of liquid treatment processes and applications: Activated Sludge; Aeration; Anaerobic Digestion: Biogas & Biofuels; Borehole & Drilling Water; Bulk Material; Chemicals & Liquids; Chlorine Contact; Coagulation/Flocculation; Disinfection; Dosing; Equalization; Filtering; Filtration; Firewater; Industrial Effluent; Mining; Permeate; Potable Water; Process Water; Rainwater & Stormwater Harvesting; Reverse Osmosis; Seawater Desalination; Settling; Sedimentation; Silos; Slurry; Wastewater; amongst others.