TRIFUSION® PLUS finish takes Permastore’s acclaimed TRIFUSION® standard to an even higher level, for use in the most extreme of environments. Aggressive chemical and high temperature processes can be considered with this high-quality contact surface finish, offering zero discontinuity when tested to 1500 Volts.

Application: pH 1-14
Type: 3 coat, 2 fire
Thickness: 340-500 microns
Test Regime: Zero discontinuities at 1500V
Exceeds quality requirements of EEA 7.20
Meets or exceeds the glass coating requirements of AWWA D103-09 – Section 12.4
Meets or exceeds quality requirements of EN ISO 28765:2011

Applications include:
Thermophilic Digestion
Aggressive / Chemical Industrial Effluents
High Temperature Applications

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