FUSION® V1100 Epoxy Bonded Steel Bolted Tanks

Climate Tanks™ offer the premier epoxy coatings from PERMASTORE®, who has joined forces with Akzo Nobel who is a leading global producer of paints and coatings. The result is an innovative, technologically advanced Fusion Bonded Epoxy product, FUSION® V1100, for modular, bolted containment systems. The high-tech RESICOAT® R4-ES used on the internal surface combined with the ultra-durable INTERPON® D2525 on the external surface sets the new benchmark within its sector. Following extensive research, with shared know-how and combined with our considerable experience in Glass-Fused-to-Steel solutions coating technology, we have developed FUSION® V1100 to be an exceptional Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating system, second only in performance to PERMASTORE® Glass- Fused-to-Steel solutions. Permastore uses high quality grades of sheet steel which meet or exceed the requirements of relevant tank design standards and applicable International Standards e.g., AWWA D103-09, EN 10025, EN 10149 and ASTM A1011. With the engineering expertise and experience gained from over 50 years in the global tank and silo industry, you can be assured that the FUSION® V1100 product offers the best quality, high performance Fusion Bonded Epoxy product which is installed with the precision and ease our customers have come to expect and value from the current PERMASTORE® product. Exporting to over 110 countries and supplying in excess of 300,000 durable and cost effectively engineered structures worldwide, Permastore has the knowledge and experience to provide the best possible solution for your specific application. The combination of Akzo Nobel’s market leading Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating formulation and Permastore’s unmatched factory application process has led to the innovative FUSION® V1100 Bonded Epoxy coating. The proprietary FUSION® V1100 Epoxy coating leads the market within its sector and is suitable for the storage, processing and general containment of a range of liquids. Factory-applied coatings eliminate weather delays typical of site-applied coatings, making FUSION® V1100 undoubtedly your best choice to suit your specific application. FUSION® V1100 gives you the assurance and dedication to the highest quality associated with the PERMASTORE® brand. The internal contact surface of every panel is subject to 100% factory inspection and testing at 1100v showing our commitment to zero discontinuities (defect free at test voltage). The external surface of the panel is inspected using a colorimeter test and the color checked against standard limits. Panels with a color outside of these limits will be rejected.

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