ClimaClad™; Wood, Wood Wrapped, Veneered, Concrete, and Brick Tanks

Wooden Day Use Tanks

Often times you can use a real wood tank that is banded together or a more modern approach is wrapping a steel or poly tank with wood.


Many homes use small scale rain collectors to harvest small quantities of water for landscaping/gardening applications rather than as a potable water surrogate. These small rain barrels, often recycled from food storage and transport barrels or, in some cases, whiskey and wine aging barrels, are often inexpensive. There are also many low cost designs that use locally available materials and village level technologies for applications in developing countries where there are limited alternatives for potable drinking water. While most are properly engineered to screen out mosquitoes, the lack of proper filtering or closed loop systems may create breeding grounds for larvae. With tanks used for drinking water, the user runs a health risk if maintenance is not carried out.


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