MaxAccess™ Roof Hatch

MaxAccess™ Low Profile (Flat) Roof Access Hatch


Climate Tanks™ manufacturers a variety of MaxAccess™ access hatches for roof top and side wall bulk head for steel bolted tanks. We can manufacture from a variety of materials, but usually manufacture with a composite plastic, galvanized steel, or PE 100. We can manufacture in various sizes to exceed all specifications for AWWA D-103, NFPA-22, and EU standards with minimums typically at twenty-four inch opening. Our MaxAccess™ XL (Lower Profile or Flat Roof Access Hatch), has a curb height around four inches with an overlapping seamless lid with a curb around two inches. It also has venting holes incorporated on the top of the curb directly below the hinge. Included is a screw lock for closure. These access hatches are easily mounted to the roof purlins on our tanks and also used with many other tanks around the world, then the roofing material is sealed on top of the integrated mounting curb on the roof top access hatch. Our hand-railed top platform will butt up to the side of the access hatch to give a clean and secure option to every tank owner. If needed, the interior ladder can be mounted to the inside of the roof access if engineered as part of our tank options. On our fire water tanks we provide a PosiFill™ (inlet gate valve, mounting hardware, and float which will mount directly inside of the top of the MaxAccess™ XXL; high curb roof access hatch). Please send us all inquiries, so that, we can quickly and accurately provide you with all the technical specifications.


Manufactured to specifications: minimum opening is 24″

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