ClimaClad™ Cladded Tanks

Often times you can use a real wood tank that is banded together or a more modern approach is wrapping a steel or poly tank with wood.



Cladded tanks: ClimaClad™ have an inner structure that is a galvanized Climate Tanks™ model with the proprietary cladding hardware kit included. The cladding kit will assist the installation crew with all the necessary hardware to enable them to add an exterior insulation to the tank and cladding of their choice, or perhaps just the cladding where the designer or architect has specified a material as shown in some of the photographs on this page. PERMASTORE® cladding can assist the end user with a tank that is an engineered solution for fire water under the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-22) Standards, a drinking water or liquid/chemical tank under the American Water Works Association (AWWA-D 103), or all steel bolted above ground tanks within the European Union (EN 10025) Standards and match their existing structures of the project.


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