10 Uses of Rainwater

Collecting your own rainwater is an excellent way to conserve this precious resource. A basic rainwater collection system catches rainwater from your roof or other surface and channels it into a container for storage. Rainwater[...]

Climate Is Here To Help With Soaring Water Prices

With the current trend for the last decade of soaring water prices across America, more and more urban, suburban, and rural areas are being faced with tougher decisions on how their monthly budgets are being[...]

Great Products at Climate

As Climate Inc continues to deliver great products to our clients world wide, we are glad to be adding additional dealers to our alliances and more product variety to the solutions that we have to[...]

Georgia Institute of Technology Rainwater Harvesting System

Climate, Inc. has been working with the architects and construction team on the new Georgia Institute of Technology rainwater harvesting system. The engineered conveyance arm seen here has been installed during the buildings’ construction, so[...]

We Customize our Systems to Your Needs:

Collecting rain can ease your expenses: A 20,000-gallon systems will supply an average family for about 125 days.  Here’s the math: “For every 100 square feet of roof, 1 inch of rain yields 60 to[...]