Finished Tank for Valmiera Glass in Dublin, GA USA

Climate manufactured and delivered a 210,000 gallon epoxy coated carbon steel tank with a specified baffling wall, carbon steel floor, bulkheads, and safety cage and platform for our client Rainwater Equipment at Valmiera Glass in Dublin, Georgia USA. Together with Hydrona, we have completed this custom built tank. Valmiera Glass is a fiber glass manufacturer who has built a state of the art facility to start production in North America.

How Our Sidewall Bulkheads Are Created For Tanks

Hello Everyone, Rex Hayes recently made a great video describing how our Sidewall Bulkheads are created for our tanks. We invite you to check it out on our YouTube channel hereĀ or you can simply watch[...]

Holiday Message from Rex Hayes

Reposted with permission from Sustainability Management Association. Greetings, It is my pleasure and honor to serve as the new President of the Board of Directors for Sustainability Management Association. In this newsletter, many members have[...]