New Product: Sani Solar

Today, Climate would like to introduce a new innovative in sanitation solutions. This new product is called Sani Solar, a new hygienic, technological, financial, sociocultural, and environmental friendly option to dispose of human excreta.

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How does it work?

At the moment of use, urine and feces are automatically separated by the urine-diverting user interface. Feces fall into one of four containers, which are installed, on a turntable located in the drying chamber located below the toilet seat. Before leaving the toilet cabin, the user positions another container by moving the turntable with the help of the lever, placed in the cabin.  The feces in the containers are quickly dried and stabilized by the combination of directional airflow and solar radiation in the drying chamber.

Considering daily use by 5 persons, the 4 fecal containers should be emptied every 5-month only. This measure can be realized easily and hygienically safe by one single person without any special equipment.  The disposal of the dried and stabilized residue does not generate a negative environmental impact. The urine is conducted out of the cabin into the external drying unit where it is converted into a stable, high-quality plant fertilizer.  This fertilizer is recovered by the user with the help of a spatula.

Why SANI SOLAR makes the difference?

1,320 LB (600 kg) of human excreta are naturally converted into 36 LB (16 kg) of dried and stabilized residue and about 20 LB (9 kg) of plant fertilizer. All this without one drop of water, no electrical energy and no operational costs.

Where to use SANI SOLAR?

Our system is suitable as decentralized sanitation facility for all rural areas with warm arid or semi-arid climate. For best performance SANI SOLAR requires:

  • Low humidity
  • Intensive solar radiation
  • High evapotranspiration rate

For more information, please visit our Sani Solar Product Page. IF you have any additional questions, please feel free to Contact Us.