Climate Tanks™ manufactures liquid storage steel bolted tanks with several finishes of stainless steel, glass fused to steel, epoxy coated, weathered finish, powder coated, and galvanized. The bolted tank and silo system allows structural designs to be used in various configurations including water storage reservoirs and water distribution tanks.

We use high quality raw materials, which meet or exceed the requirements of relevant tank design standards and applicable International Standards e.g., AWWA D103-09, EN 10025, EN 10149, ASTM A1011 etc. We provide architects, engineers, general contractors, and clients with an engineered solution that will meet and exceed their specifications which encompasses tanks that embed into the concrete foundation, have a steel panel bolted floor, or mount to the foundational sub straight that is provided and designed by others. Climate Tanks™ are manufactured with steel panels and are attached together with bolts. The tank panels are either sealed with mastic on the vertical and horizontal panel seams or lined with a PVC liner that is fixed to the top of the tank through reinforced eyelets. Tanks with liners use polyester geo-textile matting, which is placed on the tank floor and walls to protect the liner from damage during installation and use. Our tanks typically have these roof designs:

  • Geodesic Aluminum Dome Roofs
  • Conical Roofs
  • Trough Deck Roofs
  • Single and Double Membrane Roofs
  • PVC Covers

Climate Tanks™ steel bolted tanks are suited to tough environments where dependability is a vital characteristic. They can withstand the extremes of the environment in any urban, rural, or remote location. The modular design principle of the tank kits offers ease of transport and assembly at site with the adaptation to use added immersion heaters, insulation kits, and numerous other accessories. The bolted nature of the tanks allows them to be built very quickly when compared to welded or concrete structures. It also allows the existing tanks to be unbolted and moved on to new locations when required, significantly increasing asset value. Engineered designs will accommodate secure tank storage for local environmental conditions, such as high wind speeds, snow or seismic loads. The bolted tank and silo system allows structural designs to be used in various configurations including water storage reservoirs, water standpipes, and elevated water distribution tanks. Our clients choose either glass fused to steel, epoxy finish, powder coated, or galvanized tanks for several different types of liquid treatment processes and applications: activated sludge, filtering, sedimentation, chlorine contact, dosing, borehole water, seawater desalination, reverse osmosis, permeate, settling, filtration, disinfection, aeration, coagulation/flocculation; amongst others:

  • Fire water, irrigation, car washes, well water holding tanks
  • Storing of liquids (liquid manure, dung water, salt brine, process and fire water, lime milk, liquid fertilizers and other chemicals within the range of chemical resistance of enamel)
  • Storm water retention or re-use
  • Storing of drinking water ensuring water supply for the public
  • Process tanks for wastewater treatment plant and for industrial process equipment
  • Agriculture